When the Italians take their time, the Israelis lose money! Negotiation in a complex international situation.

This activity is design as a summative activity for MBA students in the course: International Negotiation. It uses an intercultural situation of Italian and Israeli business companies. The aim of the lesson in to practically use negotiation tactics and strategies during an interaction with international business partners.

תסריט המשחק | תצוגה מקדימה
נושא לימוד:
כיתות: אקדמיה - עסקים
יוצר/י המשחק : Uzi Sasson, Ph.D

דרישות מוקדמות
    • Knowledge in business negotiation tactics and strategies
    • Ability to read and write interactively in the English 

Uzi Sasson, Ph.D

הכירו את המשתתפים

  • Marco Luca

    Marco, 58, married + 2, is an educated male who holds bachelor degree in business and economics and a MBA in marketing from Cambridge, UK.  His current annual salary is 300,000 EURO. He is responsible for all other regional sales managers that the company employs. Marco speaks perfectly both Italian and English. 

  • Lorenzo De Vito

    Lorenzo is a second generation to Spanish immigrates to Italy.  He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian perfectly. Lorenzo earns 110,000 EURO annually. He is a very smart and charming fellow. Lorenzo earned his bachelor degree in international relationships and an MBA with an expertise in marketing from the University of Milano.   

  • Enzo Umberto

    Enzo, 62 years old, married with 3 daughters and a grandfather to 4 boys. Enzo is a stereotypical old, fat and tough Italian, who has strict and conservative dress code. Enzo is one of the founders of “HandFree Ltd.” He has a high school diploma and he always appears unhappy and aggressive. He speaks both English and Italian.

    Enzo is the one who makes the decisions for HandFree in the negotiation process.    

  • Yossi Cohen

    Yossi holds a bachelor degree in computer science and an MBA. He can communicate in 6 languages: Hebrew, Arabic (Iraqi dialect), Italian, German, French, and Spanish. Yossi has very good interpersonal relations and is able to analyze situations on the spot. Yossi is a young, 40 years old handsome man. He is also married + 5 kids. Yossi is the second generation to MacTank’s founders.     

  • Benny Felony

    Benny is 59 years old, rough guy, who served in the Israeli security forces. He specializes in investigation, questioning and polygraph preparation. His bachelor degree is in international procurement management and has 20 years of experience in negotiation for logistics and procurement.

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