So Many Cinderellas! Comparing texts from around the world exploring mythology

Cinderella has invited princesses from around the world to compare their stories. Learn about the folk tale that inspired stories like Cinderella and the myths that influence each story from around the world.

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כיתות: ד' - ו'
יוצר/י המשחק : Tali Kuhel

דרישות מוקדמות

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Kao and the Golden Fish by Wilai Punpattanakul-Crouch and Cheryl Hamada

Chinye: A West African Folk Tale by Obi Onyefulu

Rhodopis, The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

Raisel's Riddle by Susan Gaber

Yeh Shen: A Cinderella Story from China, by Ai-Ling Louie


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Pear Blossom

Pear Blossom is a beautiful young girl from Korea.  Her cruel stepmother and stepsisters make her work for them, but with the help of a magical ox she is pulled out of her troubles and into a happy ending!


Rhodopis is a young servant girl in Egypt who loves to dance. Her boss, a sleepy old man, gives her a special pair of dancing slippers which make the other servant girls jealous. Not to mention her different looks, a head of gold curly hair and green eyes, make her an easy target for their snippy remarks and mean nicknames.  (Ignore them) Fate and some help from her animal friends make Rhodopis' story end at high note!

Ye-Xian (Yeh-Shen)

Yeh-Shen is a Chinese maiden with an artist's touch for poetry and pottery. When her father dies from a plague, her cruel stepmother and stepsister make her work as a servant. But her mother sends a guiding spirit incarnated as a special gold fish to lift Ye-Xian's spirits and dress her for the New Year's festival and her whole fate changes!

Here is a video version of the story!


Chinye lives with her mean stepmother and stepsister in West Africa. When they send her out to find water one night, some helpful animals guide her back home and she finds a magical gourd with guiding spirits and her happy ending involves helping her community!

The English Princess aka Tattercoats

Tattercoat, as her old rich and mean grandfather calls her, lives in England and is worked to the bone. When the king visits her grandfather neglects her interest in going to the royal ball, but with the help of some attentive friends her luck is changed for the better!


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