More than a snack The perfect snack and trigonometric functions

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תודה, אנו ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם.

A large food factory begins to develop a new chocolate bar that aims to be a huge success.
For this purpose, a team of experts from various fields are called in to consult on the matter.

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יוצר/י המשחק : To Be Education

דרישות מוקדמות

Relationship between two quantities

Trigonometric functions

Minimum and maximum equations


To Be Education

הכירו את המשתתפים

  • Dr. Sugarman

    He is a world renounced expert in the production of chocolate bars with nougats, nuts, sesames, and more. He recently took a surprising turn in his profession and completed training in healthy nutrition.

  • Mrs. Packing

    She is a renowned lecturer in the field of snack design. She is always a step ahead when it comes to knowing what consumers will want.

  • Mr. Silver

    He has a PhD in economics, and has been the factory's financial advisor for over a decade. He is always in search of making bigger profits.

    On the one hand he searches for the cheapest ingredients, and on the other hand, he looks for the highest price possible that the consumer is willing to pay, before they get angry.

  • Mrs. Reklema

    She is a well-known expert in the marketing strategy of large corporations. She believes that there should not be 'morals and feelings' when it comes to advertising, and that it all boils down to facts and figures.

  • Mr. Knowitall

    He published three bestselling books on the study of consumers and trends, and has the ability to identify which products will succeed and which will not.

    He was the one who identified the greatest need for mini snacks, a very lucrative market that did not even exist a decade ago.


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