The Inheritance Five siblihngs use trigonometry to calculate their inheritance

משחק זה נמצא בשלבי כתיבה

תודה, אנו נדאג לעדכן אותך כאשר נסיים לכתוב משחק זה. אם תרצה/י לעזור לנו לכתוב אותו, לחץ כאן.

כל המשתתפים ביצירת משחקי ToBe יזכו לקרדיט בדף המשחק.

ספר לנו קצת על עצמך ואיך אתה יכול לתרום למשחק הזה (כתיבה, הוספת משאבים, מערכי שיעור, וכו '...)

תודה, אנו ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם.

This story of the Richman family has a sad start, but you can make it end happily. The very wealthy elderly parents of the five children passed and left a hefty inheritance, but no will. The children are currently at odds on who gets what. Among the items up for discussion are oil fields, forests, lakes and 2 golf courses. You're about to play one of the lucky inheritors. Try to calculate your share, and don't let the others outsmart you!

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כיתות: יא'
יוצר/י המשחק : To Be Education

דרישות מוקדמות

Geometry, Trigonometric functions, Equation of a line, Systems of equations

To Be Education

הכירו את המשתתפים

  • Holly

    Holly is a professional golfer and won the national championship five times. She will do anything in order to get the golf course that her parents own.

  • Olly

    This guy is a clever businessman who is in the oil business internationally. Naturally, he is very interested in the oil refineries that his parents left.

  • Jeanette

    Jeanette is known to be the most generous of all family. She always worries about others and rarely thinks of herself. Her modest behavior is often interpreted, mistakenly, as innocence.

    Actually, she has always been the smartest of all the siblings.

  • Excel

    Excel was always the perfect son, and the most helpful to his parents. He always remained faithful and close-by. He was the only one to who took care of them in their final years. Because of this, he believes that he should receive the greatest inheritance.

  • Wily

    He is the "bad apple" of the family. Watch out for this guy! He's always involved in shady deals, and will not hesitate in fooling even his closest friends and family.


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