The Winning Formula Calculating the perfect boy band?

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תודה, אנו נדאג לעדכן אותך כאשר נסיים לכתוב משחק זה. אם תרצה/י לעזור לנו לכתוב אותו, לחץ כאן.

כל המשתתפים ביצירת משחקי ToBe יזכו לקרדיט בדף המשחק.

ספר לנו קצת על עצמך ואיך אתה יכול לתרום למשחק הזה (כתיבה, הוספת משאבים, מערכי שיעור, וכו '...)

תודה, אנו ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם.

With the success of the "Backstreet Boys", "98 Degrees", and other boy bands, the management of "World Records", a record label in Seattle, is looking for the next big thing. They gathered leading experts in the fields of composition, writing, dressing, performances and public relations, for the purpose of creating the perfect boy band. A lot of money is invested in this project, and they will not quit until they come up with the perfect formula. 

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Ratios and Proportional Relationship, Algebraic equations

To Be Education

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  • Melody

    She is a highly appreciated composer of pop songs. Among the most famous songs she composed are "You broke my heart", "I'll break your heart", "Broken hearts", and more. She has a special talent of identifying hits before they make it.

  • Lirry

    He is a poet, and writes about love. He won four Grammy Awards, and knows how to express the most elusive feelings with the right words.

  • Jean Claude

    He is a famous fashion designer. His latest collection received excellent reviews at the most prestigious magazines. He served as the "Chief Sylist" of the most successful boy band last year from Thailand.

  • Mr. Miles

    He is a very experienced and successful director. Known for his exceptionally high standards, he finds it hard to compromise. He is difficult to work with, and has high expectations from the bands that he works with. In the past, this has been the root cause of tours being canceled, and talents quitting.

  • Mrs. Buzz

    She owns one of the largest public relations companies in the United States. She knows how to "make news" out of anything. She always says that there is no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they pronounce or write the name of the boy band correctly.


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