Summer vacation in Brazil Five birds are using geometry to find the perfect migration path

משחק זה נמצא בשלבי כתיבה

תודה, אנו נדאג לעדכן אותך כאשר נסיים לכתוב משחק זה. אם תרצה/י לעזור לנו לכתוב אותו, לחץ כאן.

כל המשתתפים ביצירת משחקי ToBe יזכו לקרדיט בדף המשחק.

ספר לנו קצת על עצמך ואיך אתה יכול לתרום למשחק הזה (כתיבה, הוספת משאבים, מערכי שיעור, וכו '...)

תודה, אנו ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם. can already feel the winter in New York. An odd flock of Storks plan their annual journey to the warm and happy country of Brazil. Join the five leaders of the flock and help them find the best path to this year's summer vacation. Calculate distance, navigate by the stars and the sun, use your internal compass and even try to find good thermal streams in order to fly higher.

Bon Voyage!

נושא לימוד:
כיתות: ו' - ז'
יוצר/י המשחק : To Be Education

דרישות מוקדמות

Understanding of the following concepts: triangles, squares, circles, areas, angles, calculations of time-distance-velocity.

To Be Education

הכירו את המשתתפים

  • Googy

    You thought it was a legend but this bird is the Head of Baby Delivery. For this reason she'll always look for the safest route.

  • Feelgood

    Feelgood is the bird who is in charge of the interim landings on the way to Brazil. Every moment he is aware of the exhaustion status of every member and knows all landing places by heart.
    (It is highly important to have good food there and great conditions for deep sleep...)

    This bird enjoys the comforts of life. If it were up to him, he would prefer the highest number of stops.

  • Swifty

    The bravest Stork of them all, Swifty likes to reach the location as quickly as possible. She has no problem with hard work and taking risks. The rest of the crew gets quite angry with her at times.

  • Wolfgang

    Known for his high culinary standards, this bird is in charge of the food menu for the flock. He has traveled the earth many times and knows where the best places to get the most nutritious and tasty foods are at. He is an advocate for healthy diets.

  • General First

    He is the commander of the Royal Flight Academy of Storks, and is a famous expert in military order and security in aviation. He is the one who determines the exact position of each member of the formation.


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